Canada: Will this new, expat sportsman become a revived "Red Fisher" style host?

Donald Trump, Jr Reportedly Hiding Out In Canada As He Faces Imminent Indictment From Robert Mueller

EXCERPT: Donald Trump, Jr. is reportedly facing an imminent indictment from Robert Mueller, and the eldest son of President Trump doesn’t want to be anywhere close when it happens.

For weeks, reports have indicated that Trump, Jr. will be the next one to face charges for lying to federal investigators regarding the Trump campaign’s contact with Russia. After initially claiming that there was no contact with Russia, Trump, Jr. later admitted that he brokered a meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer who was offering dirt on Hillary Clinton that had been stolen by Russian hackers. Trump, Jr. faces trouble for reportedly lying to investigators about the meeting and also lying to the House Intelligence Committee.

As Vanity Fair reported, Trump, Jr. has bolted the United States as the indictment looms. The report noted that he has gone to Canada for an extended hunting trip....


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"Reported" by a "source". Rolleyes

Sounds like more leftist Mueller porn.
CC: RED .... Russia..... I get it......nice touch.

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