Suspending people who don't play nice with others

(Dec 5, 2018 09:46 PM)Leigha Wrote: Why do you feign ignorance so often, Syne? If I were the only one ''accusing'' you of such things, then that'd be one thing. But you seem to be the common denominator. That said, I'm over it all. You are who you are, and I'm who I am, and that's all there is to say, at this point.

Having more people who also fail to demonstrate an accusation does not actually substantiate it. And if you had any leg to stand on, other than the bandwagon fallacy, you could actually explain how me giving you a choice of options and you claiming one for yourself is name calling. But this argument seems part and parcel with your understanding of the Kavanaugh hearings, where you mistake the number of accusations, regardless of veracity, for valid accusations.

But just keep playing the victim. Rolleyes
I still laugh when I see this thread. Big Grin
Glad you can laugh at yourself. The instinct to mob justice is not a pretty one.
Yes, we can govern ourselves, indeed.
(Jan 11, 2019 10:06 PM)Leigha Wrote: Yes, we can govern ourselves, indeed.

Just not by mob rule/tyranny of the majority.

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