Reality as Metaphysics

But first, a preliminary note. A non-self-referential tautology always implies a restriction of its referent context with respect to reality as a whole. Otherwise, there would be no place left to formulate it in which it could avoid referring to itself. There is just one obvious context which cannot be restricted in this way: reality as a whole. This, of course, is the universe of any theory of metaphysics. Like propositional logic, a metaphysical theory must be formulated within the context to which it refers. So, given our "relaxed" definition of tautology, it will be understood that tautology becomes self-referential by necessity at the "meta­physical limit" of predicate-logical theorization.


A self-referential tautology is a restriction of a specific context. And so reality as a whole, since it qualifies as a tautology, is restricted by this self-referential context.
Here you go Ostro, someone made this connection official. My gut tells me you may subscribe towards similar thinking. Was only a matter (npi) of time before someone would hypothesize that Dark Matter/Energy represented a 4 or multi dimensional realm within our universe. However yours truly remembers years ago when first hearing of Dark Matter/Energy, saying on a long forgotten forum, essentially the same things but only the Reader's Digest version. Although I think it's a bunch of baloney, it's always comforting to know someone else shared the same thought. Maybe he got the idea from me, who knows? I should have been a philosopher Smile

A case of invisibility, thanks to an extra spatial dimension(s) as the key attribute, and the logic ..... if you can't see what makes up 96% of the universe then it's Heaven and Hell, or some other realm. Is it the metaphysical world? God's world?  Perhaps we don't realize we are the metaphysical realm for those 4D dwellers. Then again our 4% could be Hell. Rolleyes  

I hope this makes you feel better.  Wink

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