Truck Crash Road Rage inattention & poor road & truck design

i found myself watching this video of the Truck rolling on the corner and it reminded me of a similar inccident i saw on a similar corner.

no road rage involved, no apparent poor driving.
the length and size of the truck as it went around the cambered corner appeared to have all its weight lift off.

i did ponder if it was a magic formula.

speed roughly 80kmph with mild acceleration, right hand corner with camber making the entire driving surface not flat.
truck size = semi trailer type same as in the video.
the resemblance is uncanny, soo much i thought i would post it.

i was driving behind the truck(1 lane over and around 250 meters behind so had a very good unimpeeded view) i saw and it was not driving poorly in any apparent manner.
it did not swerve.
it did appear to accelerate gently into the corner and i saw the entire weight of the truck shift to become top heavy as the rear right of the trailer unit almost lifted off the ground(around 80% of the suspension compresion had lifted on the rear right wheels)

the truck driver in this video looks like they have lost the plot.
though i suspect the rolling over of the truck is a little too out of the ordinary to suggest a complete deliberate act.

maybe these types of corners need to have maximum speed limits posted for trucks

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