Farcical Battle Over What to Call Lab-Grown Meat


EXCERPT: . . . And according to the meeting’s various speakers, it was “clean meat,” or “artificial meat,” or “in vitro meat,” or “cell-culture products,” or “ cultured meat,” or “cultured tissue” (not meat!). This is a war of words, with each one chosen to evoke specific associations. And it is a war to define lab-grown meat as either the exciting future of food or a freak science experiment.

It comes at a critical moment. Well-funded start-ups [...] have been feeding their lab-grown chicken to curious tasters. Traditional-meat producers such as Tyson Foods and Cargill have invested money in lab-grown animal protein. [...] Meat producers—particularly beef producers—question whether it should be called “meat” at all. That’s why Rhonda Miller, the former president of the American Meat Science Association, chose to call it “cultured tissue” in her presentation. [...]

If nostalgia for traditional foodways is one pole for the current food movement, the other is environmental and social responsibility. That’s why activists have leapt from the favored scientific term cultured meat (referring to the cell cultures in which it grows) to clean meat. Clean serves many roles here: It echoes clean energy. It’s a nod to the lack of animal slaughter. And it refers to the sterile conditions under which the meat cells grow. [...] Clean meat, not surprisingly, riles up beef producers....

MORE: https://www.theatlantic.com/science/arch...at/565049/
soilent grown GE burger
Vegan nightmare beef
Desert Vampire loins
Lab-Rat Chops
Slig meat.
Brainless food

Virtual victual
Agar Caviar
Zombie Sirloin
Sweat n Sour Lab Loin
Quote:Meat producers—particularly beef producers—question whether it should be called “meat” at all.

By any other name, it's still meat. Lab produced shouldn't make any difference but perhaps giving it an appealing name renders it acceptable. Babies are still babies, no?

Lab slabs
Slab o' the lab

French seems to make even the most unappetizing morsel seem like a delicacy so I'll go with Viande au Verre

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