Quantum Mind

Life after death is increasingly gaining momentum as a serious topic in the field of science. Apparently, information is stored at the Quantum level which defines consciousness. When we die, this information continues on and is transferred into the universe. To help you understand why life after death is necessary, I shall present a thought experiment for you to consider. Imagine you are a child living in an impoverished country and you suffered a severe injury, you do not merely believe but you know you are special, this is distributed solipsism in action. You do not want to die and are hoping the universe would not allow this. You find yourself privy to the knowledge that there is indeed an afterlife because you are experiencing the Quantum world. Suddenly, right before your injury turns fatal, the light in the hallway you are walking through drops down to a sad and gloomy color. You acknowledge and recognize it as God telling you to relax and not put so much pressure on the injury. You emerge triumphant and live to tell your story.



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