Scientists Find Genetic Causes of Loneliness


EXCERPT: . . . The scientists analyzed genetic variations in more than 487,000 participants in the UK Biobank, a long-term study in the United Kingdom exploring the effects of genes and the environment on disease. These volunteers answered questionnaires regarding their perceived loneliness, the frequency of their social activities, and the quality of their interactions with others, such as how often they were able to confide in someone close to them.

The team discovered 15 genetic variations were associated with susceptibility to loneliness. Some variants were active in brain regions that control emotions, while others played a role in metabolism. “This is the first study to identify some of the genetic variants associated with loneliness,” Perry said.

The researchers did find that increased weight — that is, a higher body-mass index (BMI) — likely made people more susceptible to loneliness and depression....

Or...they found correlations between behavior and behaviorally-inducted neuroplasticity. Hubris of a reductionist bias.
It's a harsh reality, but being homely in appearance, a genetically caused condition, can make you more lonely in life. One might call this a socio-genetic state. People like this tend to make up for this deficiency in other areas though such as career, personality, selectivity in aquaintances, and personal life goals. Or hanging out on online forums, like Syne does. Smile
(Jul 4, 2018 08:27 PM)Magical Realist Wrote: Or hanging out on online forums, like Syne does.

Pot, meet kettle.
Seems I recall you being the one talking about your isolated lifestyle...and we all know you're not compensating with personality.
If Syne found we (this happy band of Scivillagers) were not worth his time and attention would 'we' claim the fault lay with Syne? Have you ever seen anything like CC's avatar? I haven't. I rest my case.
Loneliness is an emotional darwinian driver that makes you have sex and breed.
it also makes you collect in groups helping to prevent starvation and death by sickness.
however it does tend to cause all sorts of other issues like politics, mexicans & moonlandings.

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