Could quantum computing make perfect human behavior prediction possible?


EXCERPT: . . . Quantum computing capitalizes on the quantum-physics principle that a particle may be in two states at once, as long as it does not leave a record of either state. [...] "I think it is reasonable to assume that a quantum computer will be there in our lifetime,” [says Mordechai Segev]. [...] Such an increase in processing power could spell apocalypse for current encryption methods. [...] according to Daniel Zajfman, some people are [also] concerned that quantum computing could bring about the end of free will. Zajfman [...] said [...] “Could we create a system that would really make everything predictable?” [...] This interdependence of details, commonly known as the butterfly effect, means that predicting the future with perfect accuracy is a problem that’s “almost impossible to solve,” Zajfman said. Free will, he said, is likely safe—at least from quantum computing. “But then again,” he added, “don’t believe anyone who tells you something is impossible.”

No, that would rely on access to every input into human behavior, where some may be quantum as well, and by nature unpredictable.

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