Did NASA Curiosity Rover catch Martian? Blurred figure in photo stirs controversy

Update: Video has since been removed.


EXCERPT: . . . In a new YouTube video uploaded by Secureteam10, the people behind the controversial channel claimed that NASA accidentally released proof that there is life on Mars through the Curiosity images. Tyler Glockner, the narrator of the Secureteam10 video, claimed that NASA may have "slipped up" and released evidence of life on Mars to the general public. The video then shows the images that allegedly show aliens on the Red Planet.

The pictures show a blurred object on the surface of Mars. Glockner said that the "strange blur" is caused by "an object moving extremely quickly," similar to a running animal. As further proof, Glockner points to the fact that the blur was not present in some images taken on the same area, which meant that it was not some sand or a foreign object on the lens of Curiosity's camera. "Whatever this is, it's down there on the sand, on the ground," Glockner said.

The Secureteam10 video has been seen over 300,000 times, with comments coming from both believers and non-believers. For those who remain skeptical of the alleged proof of aliens on Mars, suggested explanations for the blurred object include a reflection from the rover and a small dust storm [maybe include image tampering, too]....

MORE: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/230451...oversy.htm

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