Random discussion about Fucking up

Physical form and function permits the freedom to deviate from socially acceptable behavior. By genetic inheritance of intelligence, our ability to direct our behavior according to fundamental principles enables what can be perceived as characteristic of being human. There is no indication that a lack of intelligence necessarily results in socially unacceptable behavior however, but it can. This is the essence of the choice function of individual minds. The choice function is restricted by intelligence, enabling a lack of freedom to conceive what said intelligence prevents one from seeing or envisioning. By awareness enabled by cognitive capacity, a gifted individual can succeed in life and win over a relatively large number of less endowed members of the species. The connection one has to one's past self is via memory recording events in time. This is why redemption is a must and a worthwhile pursuit when one has fucked up.

I'd also like to discuss why we have a natural inclination to perceive the worst in life.

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