An unearthed audio interview of Hollywood icon Hedy Lamarr reveals a woman with brains as well as beauty, who was the first to patent frequency hopping.

"My beauty was my curse, so-to-speak, it created an impenetrable shield between people and who I really was."—Hedy Lamarr
They did an episode about her, and her invention, on Timeless.
First learned about that side of her in a 1997 issue of American Heritage Invention & Technology magazine. Which happened to be one of those free copies which publishers would distribute back then to addresses just to try to entice the residents to subscribe. (Finally tracked down an image of the cover further down in this account about Jewish inventors.)

Before then it was largely her pre-Hollywood notoriety via the Gustav Machatý film that I had historically heard of her. Wasn't aware that he had used telephoto camera lenses to capture private scenes for some of the movie's footage, without her knowledge. Eventually saw *Ecstasy* on an arts channel -- while apparently uproar worthy back in the '30s, it's docile enough now that even an air-broadcast Christian evangelist station running vintage episodes of "Miami Heat" on one of its sub-channels could probably feature it uncensored late at night (maybe even during the afternoon!).


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