Where the brain processes spiritual experiences

Facts are not a "blame game", they're just the way things are. And yes, all normative morality is about what one ought to do...even on the left, where they tell you you ought not violate political correctness, or limit abortion access, or secure national borders, etc..

Some normative moralities just seek to increase freedom and responsibility while others seek to limit both.
There are endless facts that can be quoted, many contradicting each other. It's the habit of political partisans to use and cherry pick just those facts that support their belief system. It's intellectual dishonesty in the service of mere opinionatedness. If these people had enough goin on their life, they wouldn't have to rely so much on politics for their meaning in life. Support a charity. Become a patron of an art. Become a spiritual seeker. Find your soulmate. You don't need to have an opinion on distant abstractions like the deficit or free trade or immigration. Be in your own immediate life, not in the cold and remote generalizations of political positionality.
And it's a common ploy of those without facts to reference supposedly contradictory facts they never manage to cite. We all know that ploy simply means they don't like the facts but are unable to refute them. Instead, they have to make nebulous and arm-wavy claims in a weak attempt to dissuade others from learning the facts.  
The religious give more to charity and report higher life satisfaction and happiness. And as for soul mates, the religious get married at higher rates:

[Image: PR_15.05.12_RLS_chapter3-06.png]

So even if they do divorce at similar rates to the secular, they do seem to find more love in their lives.
And it seems that those on the left are the most likely to be uninformed about the very policies they actively advocate.
Study By PEW Suggests Republicans Are Better Informed Than Democrats
Probably because of the sort of disconnect between their own lives (and principles) and what they advocate, like the aforementioned climate change deniers being more eco-friendly and white leftists being against school integration:

Affluent, white New York City parents angered at school diversity plan
In a spat of NIMBY*-ish behavior, some well-to-do Upper West Side Manhattanites are miffed at a proposed diversity scheme which would require all district middle schools to reserve 25 percent of their seats for “students scoring below grade level on state English and math exams.”

According to Raw Story, the plan would thus “reflect the demographics of New York as a whole, as the schools in the area now are predominantly white.”
Two years ago Jason Jones, the husband of comedian Samantha Bee, made waves by publicly criticizing a facet of the Upper West Side diversity plan. He got upset that opposition to the plan was being portrayed as “racist” and “classist.”

Imagine that.

*Not In My Back Yard

You just confirmed everything I said about political partisans blaming and demonizing the opposite party. You are a model of overmoralizing tribal politics if there ever was one.
Why, do you really think simply pointing out hypocrisy is "demonizing"? O_o
Seems more likely that your accusation, itself, is the only attempt to demonize anyone here. And that is typical when you cannot refute the facts you find inconvenient.

The facts, like the actual behavior of people contrary to their own claimed values, speak for themselves. What you make of those facts is on you. So if you think that their actions demonize them, that's your problem.

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