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Whatever part I once had in welcoming people -- even on those rare occasions where I'm pretty sure they were legit potential members rather than the usual clandestine human spammers and bots -- certainly didn't produce any results in terms of making them feel at home or discouraging them from disappearing (in at least the last year or more).

So I'm done with the sappy, online versions of Lei greetings. Just going to lean back in the front porch wooden chair and give them an indifferent, unresponsive, "bad-mama chewing on a weed gaze" as they venture by. Until they actually demonstrate some gumption to hang around, in the contrast to being yet another flyby. Arrow (The sarcasm emoticon for this board seems to be both pathetic-looking and half-faulty, so not bothering with that thing.)

(Oct 8, 2018 02:47 PM)Jon Bain Wrote: Hi, just putting my toes in this ocean for the first time.
I just need to know one thing:
Are we allowed to politely disagree with popular science theories,
and provide polite reasons for the disagreement?

Or do we get banned/deleted for doing this, like in half the 'science' forums on the net?
If so, I'll politely be on my way and will not bother you any more.

welcome Smile

just dont point your telescope at the object above with no name.

Quote:popular science theories

the word "popular" has many meanings.
polite critiquing of science theory is the every essence of good science in my humble opinion.

what is popular is not always science and what is science is rarely popular.
Welcome to our newest members, Seattle and billvon. Big Grin Glad you decided to join. Enjoy!
Yah, all that. This is Stryder's lair, if that's not self-evident enough. If for whatever reason somebody suddenly disappears in the middle of a deal at either of those other two places, you might track them down here or at least use it as a rendezvous for negotiations.

(Yesterday 04:41 AM)Leigha Wrote: Welcome to our newest members, Seattle and billvon. Big Grin Glad you decided to join. Enjoy!

But can you keep them intermittently here? Step-2 has always been the killer in the past. Wink Best wishes to the success of "reaching out", nevertheless.

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