Virgin Galactic's Rocketplane Completes Powered Test Flight

There are two more of these rocket planes under construction in Mojave California.

The existing one that's been flying the test flights is currently having its passenger cabin paneling, seats and amenities installed. They say that doing this might take some time, but the test program is expected to conclude quickly when it's finished. (I'm guessing one test-flight of the ready for passengers version.) Then passenger flights commence. Virgin Galactic owner Richard Branson intends to be aboard the first passenger flight.

The LA Times reported in February 2019:

“We’ve chosen to do some design enhancements on the next spaceship, mostly about manufacturability,” said Enrico Palermo, president of Spaceship Co., Virgin’s spacecraft manufacturing arm. “We’re going to build more of them.”...

...The company began building the next SpaceShipTwo space plane in 2017 and hopes to finish it this year. ​​​​​​Once the design is finalized, building a SpaceShipTwo craft could take as little as 18 months from start to finish, Palermo said.

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