Things in the Arizona Skies

Back on February 24, pilots on an aircraft reported seeing a very bright highly reflective object moving in the opposite direction (westwards) above them.

Air traffic control asked another airliner behind the first to be on the lookout for a westward moving object above them. And indeed they saw it. They were unable to estimate its altitude or speed and speculated that it may have been a balloon.

And now Monday evening March 26, many people in the Phoenix area reported seeing a strange looking cloud in the sky to the west of Phoenix. It was big enough to have been seen in Southern California and the border areas of Mexico too.

When the Phoenix TV contacted the National Weather Service, the latter said they didn't know what it was, but based on its appearance speculated that it resembled rocket exhaust high in the upper atmosphere. (Remember the recent SpaceX launch witnessed in LA and that thing seen over Siberia.)

Based on both of these events, assuming that they are related, one might speculate the Air Force may have been testing one or more new vehicles of some sort over the Southwest where there are lots of test ranges, from Edwards AFB and the Naval Weapons Test Station in California, Nellis AFB, the Tonopah Test Range and Groom Lake ('area 51') in NV, the Barry Goldwater range and the Yuma Proving Grounds in AZ, and White Sands in NM, along with other secret installations we might not have even been told about.
Military operations was my thought also.

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