iPad, cell phone...no go

Used to be able to use my iPad mini or my Samsung Galaxy Prime to access the forum. One day it all went away for whatever reason. I try this and that, password changes, follow instructions and to no avail. I'm about to leave for the rest(Freudian slip...west not rest)) coast tomorrow for couple weeks and I would have liked to been able to chime in now and then. I give up. The Catcha words, is there a space between words or is it all continuous? I'll be absent for two weeks since I can't log in with mobile devices.
What browser are you using? Does it have a built-in anonymous proxy? The latter can provoke CAPTCHA verifications to appear at some sites as a filter for bots. Or maybe the reverse is ironically needed if that's not the case: Try a browser that does have a native proxy, like Opera or Epic. Or just go through a web-based proxy with your current browser, like this one: https://www.proxysite.com/

Not saying that the last is safe (just randomly picked it as an example from Google search).

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I'm intrigue with the problem also. Are they legitimate Scivillage CAPTCHA's? (having the same style as the forum) or do they pop up separately or take over the page with a different colouration?

I think C_C might be onto the problem, it might well be down to a proxy either set by you or your ISP.
(Incidentally it reminds me of a problem that I admittedly instigated some time back at Sciforums. The problem was caused by the corporate blacklisting companies that handle content for Academic institutes, apparently a certain number of members found it a problem to post on Sciforums after a DMOZ update, while on the one hand the registration to a search engine back-end aided in the sites profile, it also caused it to be censored.)

While again not necessarily the problem apparently there might be some problems at the end of next month due to googles reCAPTCHA version being phased out, so as per usual you try to find a solution to one thing and end up finding the next task on the imminent horizon.

I've switched the CAPTCHA to mybb's default one for now to see if it helps.
I tried a few times to log in using my cellphone, but gave up for the same reason.

For one thing, I don't remember my password, and for two, the 'capcha' thing was impossible to figure out. Like Zin-man, it often had two words and I didn't know whether to combine them or what. Whatever I did, it told me that it had failed and I'd used up one of my attempts.

So I just use my laptop with its precious cookies in place and have given up using the cellphone.

(And no CC, I don't have the faintest clue what a 'proxy' is. The browser on my cellphone is whatever browser comes with Android.) Luckily I don't like posting to discussion boards with a phone because the screen's too small and the online keyboard is hard to use. I much prefer my laptop.
I have no problem signing in on my Android phone.
(Mar 1, 2018 06:01 AM)Yazata Wrote: (And no CC, I don't have the faintest clue what a 'proxy' is. The browser on my cellphone is whatever browser comes with Android.) Luckily I don't like posting to discussion boards with a phone because the screen's too small and the online keyboard is hard to use. I much prefer my laptop.

A proxy is a third-party point on the network that tunnels the connection between you and the site you are attempting to access. They can exist for multiple reasons;
It can be a part of how security measures are emplaced on networks where accessing content has to go through the proxy to be authenticated (and possibly tracked/digested), ISP's (especially phone networks) can use this method to aid in streamlining their services as the proxy can also be used as a cache to deal with high-traffic sites. (The advent of cloud networking however has reduced the necessity of this methodology considerably) proxies can be used to conceal the person accessing from the point they are attempting to access.

(This can be a bit of a security hole since its still a third-party that holds access to that transient information which is definitely something data brokers would operate to have a stranglehold over a persons "covert" data. e.g. Criminals feeding off of "criminals")

Proxies can also be used to circumnavigate censorship or blacklists(If such systems are using a straight forwards domain/ip filter having a different domain/IP allows circumnavigation. This isn't of course effective against DPI [Deep Packet Inspection] which when thwarting is where the realms of VPN's [Virtual Private Networks] and cryptology come into play.)

Sometimes, rarely there are viruses that computers can be infected with that will attempt to reroute your access to the net through a proxy (for the man in the middle attack), this can either be all your data accesses via the proxy entry in the browser or other viruses can just do a DNS poisoning or switch attack where the domains resolution service is hijacked so the sites you can end up loading up aren't the official sites you've come to know. (A number of companies involved in browsers have gone out of their way to try and make sure that their browsers identify such attacks, however it's still something that a decent anti-virus suite can keep from happening)

All in all they have their pro's and con's (both pro's and con's use them Wink )
I generally allow half a day to logging back in if I accidentally log out. Admittedly this includes getting a new password and proving I'm not a robot (random result there) between 3 and 10 times.
Somehow I managed to log in today with cellphone. No spaces between captcha letters/numbers.

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