AI art: When will we get a machine Michelangelo? (design, engineering)


EXCERPT: . . . If fine art is ever to be made by AI, it must be its own: produced by machines autonomously, independently, and actively for the machine’s own sake and with the machine’s own aesthetics. Only in that case would the art not be a passive product of human creation. [...] One reason to be optimistic is that humans are not the only creatures capable of creation without utility. For example, given drawing materials, chimpanzees have been observed to produce drawings for the sheer pleasure of it. In fact, the Okinawa exhibition includes drawings by five chimpanzees and a bonobo [...] all are classified into Category (4), “Machine Art / Machine Aesthetics,” to remind us of what is possible. If the animals had produced drawings in return for bananas, we would not have included them in that category, because their art would not been created for its own sake.

For AI to get to where chimpanzees are, two steps are needed. First, AI must be able to generate its own goals. [...] Not only is this possible, it has already been achieved. [...] The second step necessary for AI to produce fine art is that it be able to elevate secondary goals—those goals that exist only to serve its primary goal—into primary goals themselves. [...] When AI starts making fine art, will we recognize it? [...] True AI fine art will be both painfully boring and highly stimulating [...] The realization of AI will bring new dimensions to these questions. It will also be a triumph of materialism, further eroding the specialness of the human species and unveiling a world that has neither mystery nor God in which humans are merely machines made of inanimate materials....


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