A History of Disbelief

Thanks, SS. One of these weeks I'm going to get around to watching those. Barring my misreading the numbers, the circa hour-long length of each is a kind of time-strapped obstacle this particular month. I guess it also illuminates part of the reason why I seem to habitually prefer transcripts to videos. In that the former enables one to scan or speed-read over the data and output impressions or comments swifter.[*] But the i-Generation is so picture / voice oriented that providers don't bother much anymore with accompanying transcripts and their mysterious sequences of symbols.


[*] Plus the addition of being able to quote something minus "rewinding / forwarding" back and forth to a spot to finally get it written verbatim.

During the decade before, I was astonished at the ability of certain devoted fans to transcribe accurately whole episodes of TV shows within a day or two of their airing. But I'm probably just leading a sheltered life with respect to feeling that traditional courtroom stenography and the once thriving shorthand skills of secretaries, police workers, and journalists are passé. Or that the printed results of any cheap speech recognition programs during that decade were as riddled with telltale signs of mis-deciphered gibberish as their discount OCR counterparts still are.

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