Marijuana Beverages Coming

Constellation Brands, the US company that advertises and distributes Corona beer ("find your beach") has bought a 9.9% stake in a Canadian marijuana company with an eye to eventually selling marijuana infused beverages.
Is there a market for that...over edibles? Or is it the hope of tapping (no pun intended) the drinking crowd?
The main problem is "What is the right amount?", that has been one of the main concerns in the upsurge of usage since there is no definitive amount (in milligrams) that is seen as effective.

With standard alcohol the usual method applied is percentage of volume, or proof, however that only applies to standard alcohol types, when you merge other chemicals/narcotics into the mix the results will likely be somewhat different. (Look at a Mescal for instance, while it's content can be standardised, sometimes it might contain a hallucinogenic worm "if you are lucky?!?")

Incidentally people have been brewing with Cannabis for a while although just not on a production level. Marigin can be made a bit like imbuing gin with sloes. The main thing that would need working on is the taste, if anyone's tried Hemp milk, it tastes much like a liquid that's been strained through a hemp bag. So if you like the taste of rope, get in there.

If not produced in large quantities and quality is maintained, then it could be used to create expensive one off brands that people want to covet in a wine cellar for decades after it's distilled.

The problem of course it's "Niche", and "Niche" is never good when looking at a marketing product, as only those that want the Niche will buy it.

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