8 benefits of drinking wine

The pros and cons of wine drinking have long been debated but for my part, I subscribe to the practice of moderation in all things which incidentally also includes moderation although it has been a considerable time since I have indulged to excess.

I am presently enjoying my second four ounce glass of red wine (Copper Moon Malbec) a Canadian blended wine of moderate cost to stay within the theme.

Graveyard shift in a few hours and it will be busy as we are short staffed and a big Dollar Day Sale starting so I have plans to go in an hour or more early hence the wine to short circuit my time-keeping neurons and get me to bed a bit earlier than usual. No matter that alcohol will disrupt your sleep because I only have time for a generous 'nap' at any rate.
I had to give up wine because my dentist said it was turning my teeth purple. So now I drink Mike's Hard Lemonade, which is vodka spiked lemonade. About same alc % as wine, so it sooths my soul quickly and succinctly. In one fell swoop..

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