The difference between the thought and the thought about

I think of an old chair in my living room. The chair in the mind is a cloud of associations, memories, and propositions that coexist in my mind. Further thought about what the chair is reveals abstract relationships, principles of science, atomic particles, cohering forces, a history of events that happened to it, and a mathematically-based spatio-temporal geometry.

Now lets examine the chair itself. I touch it and examine it. I push on its cushions and squeeze it. I sniff it. I discern defects in its materials and fabric. Stains and holes and lumps and odors and faded surfaces. The chair itself is somewhat less than ideal. The chair reveals itself incrementally thru my perceptions of it. Never revealed all at once, it is the "in itself" noumenal thing at the unraveling core of my senses and thoughts.

The chair is NOT, iow, my mere thoughts or perceptions of it. It is constituted independently of any consciousness I have of it.

Here we stand on the precipice of an infinite gap. The thought and the thought about. The chair as I think it and the chair as it is. How does one connect to the other? How does an abstract construct of my own mind come to be about and refer to an essentially unthinkable object outside of my mind? Where do they intersect?  And how is it that they reciprocally contain each other?

Being is paradoxically accessible thru an introcerebral process as the negative or blanked out locus of that process in an extracerebral continuum. Being arises as the negative terminus of the ideational construct--the unthinkable that our thought is about. Everything we know about the chair is knowledge or information in our mind. But it is knowledge and information about something that is beyond that knowledge or information--an object that exists physically and absolutely as a being in itself. Being is the source of all knowledge and information, being revealed by it while simultaneously and infinitely transcending it forever.  

[Image: old-chair.jpg]

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