Cloning an extinct horse + Choir boys sing for attention when girls are present

The Plan to Clone an Extinct Horse

EXCERPT: A horse named Nunki died in a Bahamian forest in July 2015, marking the end of the Abaco Island horse. But thanks to 21st-century technology, the extinction may be temporary. Two years on, Milanne Rehor, head of the Wild Horses of Abaco Preservation Society, has received approval from the Bahamian government for an ambitious plan: using Nunki’s DNA and selective breeding to clone the breed back into being. How horses came to the Abacos, an archipelago in the Bahamas, remains a mystery, but the herd’s roots can be traced to the steeds brought by Spanish explorers to the Americas 500 years ago....

When girls are in the audience, choir boys sing for attention

EXCERPT: [...] Researchers interested in the evolution of music have formed two camps. One side believes that music originally helped individuals to compete for sexual partners. Music might therefore be analogous to birdsong. In many bird species, males who sing the most intricate songs attract the most females and have the most offspring. The other camp argues that music is useful because it leads to social cohesion. This perspective presents the idea that group music making increases feelings of interpersonal affiliation, trust, and commitment....

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