Synthetic Cannabis. heroin like effects ?

i have been loosely following what appears to be wider and wider use of what is termed "Synthetic Cannibis"
while some variations cause death fairly quickly, many other effects appear to be very similar in physiological observational effect to strong opium or Heroin.

i am wondering if it might effect the human brain in a similar way.
if there is some type of combination effect when it is mixed with alcahol or some other type of more commonly used compound.

is there a predispostion for psychiatric patients to take the drug which has a similar effect on them ?
is there a majority combined receptor simulation to opiates in the strong versions ?

the deaths appear to have been possibly respitory arrest after unconsciouseness.

the strong effects (in my observation) appear to be near stupor drifting in & out of consciousness.

it appears that synthetic cannibis is vastly more dangerous than real marijuana.
whether this is because of th elow intellectual capability of those who take it and thus take vastly more .. i am unsure.
those of lesser reasoning and those who are in the effect of mental illness or psychiatric disease may deem it to be safe based on it not being illegal(obvious illogical reasoning but one such normative statement made by most governments in their process of criminalisation.)
Ironically, some crack and heroin users are afraid of or suspicious of such and won't touch it. There's even fake K-2 peddled around that probably would be illegal if the more dangerous chemicals found under its pretense of "strong herbal concoction" and artificial cannabinoids doused on it were discovered.

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