What is it like to know? + Freud the philosopher

What Is It Like to Know?

INTRO: The famous “Mary’s Room” thought experiment was intended to show that the mind is not merely physical. Ari N. Schulman shows that the debate over the thought experiment conceals a deeper convergence between “dualists” and “physicalists,” and that both sides fail to see how knowledge is bound up with experience.

From philosophy to psychoanalysis: a classic Freudian move

EXCERPT: Most people think of Sigmund Freud as a psychologist or a psychiatrist. But he was neither. He was trained as a neuroscientist and went on to create a new discipline that he called ‘psychoanalysis’. But Freud should also be thought of as a philosopher – and a deeply insightful and prescient one at that. As the philosopher of science Clark Glymour observed in 1991:

Freud’s writings contain a philosophy of mind, and indeed a philosophy of mind that addresses many of the issues about the mental that nowadays concern philosophers and ought to concern psychologists. Freud’s thinking about the issues in the philosophy of mind is better than much of what goes on in contemporary philosophy, and it is sometimes as good as the best …

In fact, it’s impossible to really understand Freudian theory without coming to grips with its philosophical undercurrents....

MORE: https://aeon.co/essays/from-philosophy-t...udian-move

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