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An entimology hobbyist school teacher told me you should time your glow-worm visit in conjunction with rain.
something about bug-hatching & water/rain fall brings more of the glow-worms out.
i suspect it may be around a day to 12 hours after rain which has occured after a dry patch of a week or soo.
...when the glow worms come out en masse to catch food.

heavy rain will result in closure of the caves while the water levels are high.
Boats may not be running in high rain fall times due to the river being too dangerous.


Quote:While a bout of bad weather last year had also closed the caves for a length of time, he said this month's weather was worse because it hit right in the middle of tourism season.

January was part of the busiest period for the company, which stretched from late December until mid-February, he said.
plan ahead


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