Inducing Teeth to Heal their own Cavities

Experiments with an Alzheimer's disease drug performed at Kings College London have shown that it seemingly has the ability to induce teeth to repair their own cavities.

Little pieces of bio-degradable sponge soaked with the drug were placed inside cavities in mice teeth. Then a sealant was placed on top. The drug appears to have stimulated stem-cells in the tooth pulp to fill the cavity with new enamel as the sponge was absorbed.

If this result can be replicated in humans, it might end up making fillings obsolete.
Great. You'll have perfect teeth but you just won't remember anything. Smile
Predictably, the steamship is invented and commissioned for duty long after one spent months and months slugging along in the hold of a cramped vessel beholden to the vagaries of the wind.
I wonder how much of a tooth it will possible to restore.  My teeth could use a lot of rebuilding.

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