straight lines in nature natural or man made ?

was having a browse lookng at the different typesof sea floor paterns & visible fault lines and noticed soething i have been curious about and seen several time before.
very straight looking lines on the sea floor as if some giant bulldozer the sive of a small city has driven accross.
i am wondering what it is and how they are made. straight lines are not very common in nature generaly speaking and humans tend to look for recognizable paterns so thus are predominantly biased.
any guesses ?
the line is running from top right to bottom left and has a couple of breaks in it, however it looks as straight as a ruler. i find that quite odd.
maybe it is a composition error/fault in the making of the picture.
you can see another shorter line disecting it at a perpendicular angle starting in the middle going to bottom right roughly speaking.
i note some fault lines can be very straight and run for several kilometers in some places.
where as this one runs roughly for 1000 kilometers in a straight line right to left and the other starting in the middle runs for around 500 kilometers.
what are your thoughts and guesses.
(i figured out what it is lol) can u guess

google maps image link short cut
Vessels and boats that do the mapping supposedly tend to travel straight or non-erratically. Artifacts and anomalies of their data collection can make contributions as images are stitched together. Some sea-floor fault demarcations may be relatively straight, with low resolution blurring out irregularities. Certain geological processes can yield straight-like, parallel scars.
(Dec 31, 2016 01:25 AM)C C Wrote: resolution

Big Grin  im pondering if the stitching/editing was done using a much higher res archive.

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