5 canned wines that don't suck


"Donald Trump is running for president, and while there was a time when those headlines seemed implausible, here’s another headline you can check off the “never thought I’d live see that” list: Consumers Who Scoff At Canned Wines Are Missing Out.

For one thing, a classic beer-sized can of wine (375ml) is equivalent to a half bottle of wine. That’s right. One can equals a half a bottle of wine. So if you crush two cans before the first quarter of the game is over, you’ll be the life of the party (or asleep).

And while the concept of “wine in can” has previously been relegated to the level of “wine cooler,” the fact is, prominent winemakers are making very good wine and putting it in cans—and with good reason: the cans are lightweight, cheap, recyclable, and well-suited for wines that are not meant to age. No one is putting Grand Cru Burgundy in cans (at least not yet)."

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I have not looked to see if canned wine has found it's way to the Yukon yet but I can vouch for some pretty fair wine in a box after spending a couple of years
sampling almost every red wine in the 12 to 26 dollar per bottle price range.

Having satisfied my curiosity, I now find that I could have saved myself a lot of money and some expensive disappointments if I had considered adding box wines to my sample list.

Now, unless it is for a very special occasion to share with someone who has a particular favorite varietal, Copper Moon Malbec is the house wine of choice.

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Not sure if I would enjoy canned wine. My palate easily discerns a difference between bottled and canned beer.

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