What is the EMDrive & why should I care? + 2nd case of space alien engineering?

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What is the EmDrive and why should I care?

EXCERPT: If you have a casual interest in space science and technology, you might have heard the phrase "EmDrive" being bounced around in the media, on online forums and on social bookmarking sites like Reddit.

But it's all very complicated and there are a lot of differing opinions, plus some media publications keep talking about Star Trek-like "warp drives" and impossibly fast space travel, so it's easy to see why you could get confused.

IBTimes UK has been covering the EmDrive story since 2014 and a lot has happened since then, so here's a breakdown of the most important facts you need to know about this controversial space propulsion technology – which may or may not actually work.....

Researchers Find a Second 'dyson Sphere' Star - But Believe Both Could Simply Be Dusty Discs

EXCERPT: [...] In order to explore the idea that such a structure could have been built by intelligent alien life, the Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute, Seti, trained its Allen Telescope Array on the star for more than two weeks.

Experts looked for two types of radio signal: narrow-band signals generated as a 'hailing signal' for alien societies wanting to announce their presence, and broad-band signals.

These signals would be produced by 'beamed propulsion'.

Seti said that if large scale alien engineering projects really are underway, the array would pick up signals made by intense microwave beams that could be used to power spacecraft....

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