World's most famous ruins + 10 things to learn while you travel

World’s most famous ruins

EXCERPT: I think that ruins have something fascinating. Visiting ruins you will not do shopping, gambling, and neither you will find luxury hotels or swimming pools. Nevertheless, visiting ruins is very appealing for very many people around the world. It is first of all, a good occasion for meditation about the growth and decay of that city, and you can figure how was the daily life in that city you are visiting. Further, you can think to the future of the mankind and imagine the today spectacular megacities in a few millennium! Some of them will probably be ruins, even if you are not prepared to accept that. But let’s go now to the basics: I will propose to you some of the world’s most famous and most interesting ruins. If you have other opinions, options and approaches, please feel free to say it...

10 things to learn while you travel

EXCERPT: Experiential travel is the best kind – and what better way to get under a destination’s skin than by learning a new skill under the guidance of local experts? From cooking and dancing to surfing and diving, via a multitude of handicrafts, here are some suggestions for educational, practical activities to try out on your next trip...
(Aug 1, 2016 01:36 PM)Secular Sanity Wrote: I'd love to see that. I'd also like to see the world's largest cave.  Trial tours started in 2013.

The only thing missing from Son Doong is dinosaurs. In terms of its resemblance to assorted "lost worlds" of fiction.

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