Star Trek's photon torpedoes might be possible + New explanation for ball lightning

We Might Actually Be Able To Make Star Trek’s Photon Torpedoes

EXCERPT: A team from the University of Leicester have examined the likely materials that would go into building Star Trek's photon torpedoes, and they find that it might just be possible to create the tech...

A New Explanation for One of the Strangest Occurrences in Nature: Ball Lightning

EXCERPT: [...] The passage of ball lightning into homes via windowpanes and its ability to develop inside aircraft have proved to be challenging observations to come to grips with. Explanations for how ball lightning is formed are even more diverse than its physical characteristics. Just a sampling of the theories out there suggest the ball is a cloud of hot silicon particles, a natural nuclear reaction, a lightning-induced epileptic hallucination, a miniature black hole, an aggregate of cellulose and other natural polymers, and a microwave-filled bubble of plasma

[...] What sets H.-C. Wu’s microwave origin theory apart is that it explains how ball lightning can appear inside an aircraft. Electrons, being tiny relative to atoms, are able to pass through the metal shell of an aircraft after being accelerated outside of it via a lightning strike. Microwaves are then emitted by the suped-up electrons inside where they form ball lightning. The electron-microwave-plasma pathway also explains the size of ball lightning, since the length of the electron bunch sped up by a lightning strike matches up with the typical 20-50 centimeter diameter of the resulting microwave bubble....
Does this mean I am able to create ball lightning in my microwave? Does a boiled egg in foil count? Smile

Regarding laser guns, that is the one thing sci fi visions of the future have failed to produce yet. I need one. I will use it to incinerate the cats in heat that nightly whine and meow outside my apt at 3 in the morning.

Imagine a gun that shoots ball lightning. You could shoot it right thru walls at unsuspecting neighbors and freak them out!

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