Bill Nye urges shunning of anti-alarmist movie + John Coleman slams Bill Nye

Bill Nye, UN Climate Scientist Warn Moviegoers to Shun Film’s 1-Day Theater Release: ‘Not in Our National Interest’

EXCERPT: Leading climate activists are warning moviegoers to shun the May 2nd nationwide one-day theater screening of “Climate Hustle,” a new film debunking climate alarmism and its big government solutions. Bill Nye [...] who entertains the idea of throwing climate skeptics in the slammer, warned the film’s producer, Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano, that “Climate Hustle’s” content endangers not just the nation, but also the world...

Weather Channel Founder Slams Bill Nye: Calls him ‘a pretend scientist in a bow tie’

EXCERPT: Weather Channel Founder John Coleman, a meteorologist for over six decades, slammed Bill Nye, ‘the science guy’ [...] “I have always been amazed that anyone would pay attention to Bill Nye, a pretend scientist in a bow tie,” Coleman said today. [...] "I am rooting for the ‘Climate Hustle’ film to become a huge hit" [...] Coleman was the original meteorolgist on ABC’s Good Morning America. [...] Coleman also ripped Nye for suggesting climate skeptics should face jail time for their dissenting views....
Sounds like a good movie theme. I wonder about like climate activism being a substitute for belief in the supernatural.
(May 4, 2016 02:19 PM)elte Wrote: Sounds like a good movie theme. I wonder about like climate activism being a substitute for belief in the supernatural

A classic trope of science fiction involves some massive, oncoming threat or disaster causing humanity to finally end its feuds and unite into a global government or community to stop it. For some scientist activists and their social satellites like Bill, the advent of climate change must have been kind of like what the moon landing project was for an earlier generation. In that it provided an opportunity to try to realize yet another vision: This rather naive, idealized political dream they were conditioned with during childhood and adolescence by literature, movies, and TV shows.
For a long time the main threats were nuclear conflagration and astroid or comet impact with the planet.  Those are things the average person feels more powerless to do much about.  Yet how many people can't sacrifice a daily indulgence for sake of helping the climate.

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