Brewers Claim They've Made Ice-Cold Beer With Vaginal Bacteria; In Theory It Works


EXCERPT: Either April Fools Day came early this year, or “vagina beer” may someday be available at your local watering hole. The drink, known officially as Bottled Instinct, is reportedly brewed using lactic acid bacteria collected from the vagina of a “unique woman.” The Order of Yoni, a Polish-based company, recently started a crowdfunder to raise money for this one-of-a-kind brew, but beer isn’t the only alternative use for vaginal bacteria.

The Order Of Yoni (which is Sanskrit for vagina) first started its vagina beer crowdfunder on March 24th, and people aren’t quite sure what to make of it. According to the company’s crowdfunding on, they need money in order to brew six batches of Bottled Instinct, with each batch consisting of 16,600 beers. However, according to The Independent, it’s still not clear whether this is an elaborate hoax....
That beer will never go over big in gay bars. lol!

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