Fixing Mexico City's dirty water system + Intersection design: Cars vs pedestrians

An architect collected 15,000 jars of dirty water to highlight Mexico City’s putrid waterways

EXCERPT: “Mexico City’s water system goes against its own functional essence,” Cattan tells Quartz. “The city is dehydrating itself. We’re mixing our water with poisonous waste and then pumping it out through a complex network of pipes. Just like what happens when a human is dehydrated, Mexico City has diarrhea.”...

Why are intersections designed for cars instead of pedestrians?

EXCERPT: "It's annoying for walkers: have you ever tried to walk a few blocks, stopping to hit the button at every single intersection? Or hit the button just a few seconds too late and had to wait a whole additional cycle? But it also illustrates the backwardness of our street design: pedestrians, who are supposed to have the right-of-way, are required to press a button at an intersection in order to get a walk signal, which should happen automatically."...

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