Top 10 urban design stories of 2015 + 10 Green design predictions for 2016

The top 10 Urban Design stories of 2015

EXCERPT: In his book "How Cities Work", Alex Marshall writes that “how we get around determines how we live. But it’s a rule we still haven’t grasped. Transportation determines the form of our places.” That’s why so many of the posts in the urban design section re actually about bikes and transportation; It is what drives the shape of our cities. And finally, people are beginning to recognize the role that bikes can play in all of this. But looking at the top ten posts by number of pageviews, in retrospect I wonder if many of these should not be in other categories. I also screwed up and put in eleven.....

10 Green design predictions for 2016

EXCERPT: What will 2016 hold for green design and the environment? It’s a brand new year filled with boundless potential – and we’ve called upon some of the world’s most prominent designers, makers, movers, and shakers to help separate the signal from the noise. Hit the jump for 10 predictions for the coming year from luminaries in the fields of architecture, design, technology, transportation, and climate science....

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