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1 in 7 adults have experienced someone threaten to share their intimate images

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INTRO: A global study on the prevalence of sexual extortion among adults has found the issue to be more widespread than initially thought.

Sexual extortion, or sextortion, is a form of image-based sexual abuse which includes making threats to share intimate photos or videos of a victim unless they comply with the perpetrator’s behavioral or financial demands.

The research, led by RMIT University in partnership with Google, surveyed over 16,000 adults across Australia, North and Central America, Europe and Asia and found 14.5% of respondents reported being victims of sextortion, while 4.8% admitted to being perpetrators.

LGBTQ+ people, men and younger respondents were more likely to report both victimisation and perpetration. The most common type of perpetrator was a former or current partner, but men were more likely than women to report being victimised by a colleague or carer.

Victimisation was most common in the US, Australia, Mexico and South Korea, and least common in the European countries. Perpetration was most common in South Korea, followed by Australia and the US. It was least common in Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. 

Despite men being more likely to be perpetrators, the study found they were also slightly more at risk of being victims of sextortion... (MORE - details, no ads)

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