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Research  AIs are irrational, but not in the same way that humans are

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INTRO: Large Language Models behind popular generative AI platforms like ChatGPT gave different answers when asked to respond to the same reasoning test and didn’t improve when given additional context, finds a new study from researchers at UCL.

The study, published in Royal Society Open Science, tested the most advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) using cognitive psychology tests to gauge their capacity for reasoning. The results highlight the importance of understanding how these AIs ‘think’ before entrusting them with tasks, particularly those involving decision-making.

In recent years, the LLMs that power generative AI apps like ChatGPT have become increasingly sophisticated. Their ability to produce realistic text, images, audio and video has prompted concern about their capacity to steal jobs, influence elections and commit crime.

Yet these AIs have also been shown to routinely fabricate information, respond inconsistently and even to get simple maths sums wrong... (MORE - details, no ads)

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