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Ryan Dawson spells it out

Kornee Offline
I fully endorse (with perhaps minor quibbles) especially from ~ 45:20 mark

Can hardly wait for the 'F off you POS' (repeat ad nauseam) spray from my most favorite foul-mouthed blind-prejudice pro-Zionist adversary here. Looking forward to it.
It will be repeated validation I (alone here apart from maybe some switched-on lurkers) have it essentially right.

Followed by.... (highly recommended to start at 7:15 mark):
In particular, the observations beginning at ~ 14:20 mark is spot on! USA! USA! USA!... MSM hypnotized fool(s) here *should* take stock and reevaluate - but won't.
USA is the dog wagged at will by the Israel 'tail'. Thoroughly demonstrated as true at least since the infamous MSM suppressed USS Liberty incident of 1967.
Syne Offline
Apparently, someone who's only capable of making arguments through vicarious links can also be silenced with links.
Kornee Offline
Don't flatter yourself with the imagined ability to 'silence' me via the utterly lazy tactic of linking to fav go-to sites that imo actually vindicate Dawson.
One nice example in was the lower left shown link to AntiNeoCon vid

And what was the scathing indictment there exactly? With 'choice pickings' like that, CanaryMission need to give it a rest.
But then one might ask who funds

Unlike Ryan who like others daring to go against the pro-Israel narrative, has been summarily deplatformed, all content illegally wiped, and simultaneously cheated by YT of legitimately earned funds with no valid reason given, Canarymission and many similar fronts have a virtually inexhaustible war-chest to keep drawing on.

Bitter truth is, super wealthy Jewry organized crime does pay handsomely.
Syne Offline
LOL! He fell for the taunt... by continuing to prove my point. 9_9

First, there is no such thing as "illegally wiped" from any privately-owned platform, wherein the owners have the right to do what they will with their property. And in this case, at least, YT has pretty clear content guidelines for monetization...again, as a private company. Don't like it? Host content on a personal website (but these losers can't even afford that).

Of course a rabid anti-Semite would think anything from any Jew, ever, would only vindicate an anti-Semite. It's part and parcel with their paranoid persecution complex.
Citing a video of a man-child in his Batman t-shirt in the corner of a room, likely in his mother's house, who can't even comb his hair, likely signals being blind to such disqualifying and likely shared traits. This man-child just repeatedly makes unsubstantiated claims... which is why anyone citing them cannot make any arguments themselves, and must use links to videos as a crutch. Using such videos is effectively just gish gallop for the lazy and stupid.

Adding the the trite jealously of successful people only provides further evidence that these people don't have their own lives together, are butt-hurt about it, and seeking to blame others... no matter how much delusion it takes. If only they would trying using all that antisemitic energy to improve their own lives. 9_9
Kornee Offline
Sigh. Well I did respond to his latest provocation. Serves me right for thinking an ounce of santy and honesty might enter. Wrong. Again.

Deleting accumulated years worth of content - much of it quality diligently researched material - without any prior notification thus no chance to download and save, is legal?!
In your and fellow Zionist minds I guess it is also perfectly ethical behavior and morally good.
This much is true - he was naive to think the premier thug arm of US Jewry, the so-called ADL (actually, DL), wouldn't successfully put the screws on YouTube and various other platforms to take down honest truth tellers like Ryan.

btw - no he as a happily married father doesn't live in his mother's basement. Not even in the same continent. Idiot.
And noted there was no attempt to refute the expose of CanaryMission as the unscrupulous thug arm of Jewry/Israel it is. Try better next time.
Syne Offline
These racists wouldn't recognize honesty or sanity even of it bit them. You simply cannot operate in their deluded ideology with either even remotely intact.

The fact that anyone has to ask if a privately-owned platform has the legal right to do anything they like with the freely-given public data on their own platform just goes to show how woefully ignorant these anti-Semites can be. What law do these people imagine would make any of that illegal?! Also it's as if the individual somehow, magically, had no opportunity of their own to backup and store their own content. People do know that this content has to be created off YT before being uploaded, right? So you can only blame that on shortsightedness. The only moral question involved would be to authoritatively demand that a private company platform morally repugnant trash.

I don't give a shit what this guy's life is like (though it seems to matter quite a lot to some), although I do pity the hate-filled and blame-seeking victim mentality he's modeling to any children. It's clear he is a man-child who can't comb his own hair, has devoted his life to spreading hatred, and is clearly scapegoating for his own sorry life. Well-adjusted people simply don't feel the need to find such a singular target of blame.

The Nation is almost as far left as you can get. And this supposed "theist" thinks that's a reputable source. 9_9 Of course The Nation doesn't like anything pushing back against the overtly expressed desire for the genocide of Jews ("from the river to the sea"). They're leftists who believe in the intersectional oppressor/oppressed dichotomy that is so simple-minded that it equates success with moral evil and failure with moral good... no matter the objective behaviors of either. These are the same losers (because they expressly identify themselves as perpetual victims) that have always found common cause with the likes of anti-Semites. And for good reason, once you understand the motives behind this kind of hatred.
Kornee Offline
Reminder note to self - don't feed the Troll. Self - you should know better by now. Yep. But sometimes...
Syne Offline
Yeah, go hide in your racist bubble. Just remember, no amount of hate and blame is going to make your life any better. Scapegoats are just excuses not to put in the work yourself.

But thanks for continuing to prove my point, by not being capable of making any substantive arguments yourself and lazily relying on video gish gallop..

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