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Yazata Offline

This is a truly extraordinary site. They have thousands of very good scholarly books available for free download, all with creative-commons licenses.

For just one example, there's this absolute treasure for anyone interested in the mind-boggling role that RNA plays in cellular genetics. (click download on the left to download a pdf of it.)

Nobel laureate Tom Cech says:

"Thrilling and provocative ... There is a need for such a book...There's nothing quite like this out there... An epic tale of biology's central molecule, RNA. DNA does only one thing, store information. RNA has a thrilling plethora of functions, including telling DNA what to do... DNA science dominated the second half of the 20th century, but it's clear that the 21'st century belongs to RNA..."

If you like philosophy, there are hundreds of philosophy books in all areas: logic, metaphysics, the history of philosophy, epistemology, aesthetics, the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of religion...

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