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Locality must be abandoned (the non-local awareness)

Ostronomos Offline
When the source of human consciousness - the essential component of quantum measurements - decoheres, a classical version of human consciousness becomes what we know as everyday reality. 

However, when human consciousness achieves coherence, it can no longer be thought of as an independent entity separate from the external world. Now, the supernatural sciences become your contemporary reality. Such phenomenon as quantum entanglement, where thought affects the probability of an event occurring in reality, is now apparent. Being familiar with this kind of quantum weirdness makes me privy to knowledge that few or none have. You can expect nothing less from the great genius of Nostradamus prophecy. How I achieve this state is another story altogether. But many of you know the secret to my genius and duality.
Magical Realist Offline
"Another of the remarkable features of the microscopic world prescribed by quantum theory is the idea of nonlocality, what Albert Einstein rather dismissively called “spooky actions at a distance”. This was first described in the “EPR papers” of Einstein, Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen in 1935, and it is sometimes referred to as the EPR (Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen) paradox. It was even more starkly illustrated by Bell’s Theorem, published by John Bell in 1964, and the subsequent practical experiments by John Clauser and Stuart Freedman in 1972 and by Alain Aspect in 1982.

Nonlocality describes the apparent ability of objects to instantaneously know about each other’s state, even when separated by large distances (potentially even billions of light years), almost as if the universe at large instantaneously arranges its particles in anticipation of future events.

Thus, in the quantum world, despite what Einstein had established about the speed of light being the maximum speed for anything in the universe, instantaneous action or transfer of information does appear to be possible. This is in direct contravention of the "principle of locality" (or what Einstein called the "principle of local action"), the idea that distant objects cannot have direct influence on one another, and that an object is directly influenced only by its immediate surroundings, an idea on which almost all of physics is predicated.

Nonlocality suggests that universe is in fact profoundly different from our habitual understanding of it, and that the "separate" parts of the universe are actually potentially connected in an intimate and immediate way. In fact, Einstein was so upset by the conclusions on nonlocality at one point that he declared that the whole of quantum theory must be wrong, and he never accepted the idea of nonlocality up till his dying day."---

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