Literary bar hopping

A definite bucket list item, stopping by The Eagle And The Child and sitting at the same table C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien hashed out literary themes over a pint or two. Or maybe a nice stiff one over at The George, the 400 year old haunt of Shakespeare and Dickens. I wonder where Poe drank, when he wasn't doin opium in his study.
Poe apparently visited several Balitmore watering holes:

"There is no shame in acknowledging that Poe is believed to have patronized several long-gone Baltimore watering holes including the Seven Stars Tavern, the Egyptian Saloon, John Boyd’s bar, and Mary Nelson’s Social Club. On that October day or before, he may also have visited Baltimore’s oldest still-existing bar, The Horse You Came in On Saloon near the Fell’s Point waterfront, although there is no hard evidence of this.

“The Horse” is located a relatively short distance from the home where Poe first grew to love his future wife and mother-in-law, the two most important women in his life. And it would not have been the first time he walked between that residence and the waterfront where he arrived on a boat from Richmond about nine mostly unaccounted-for days before his death on Oct. 7, 1849 in that Baltimore hospital."

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