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The galaxy cluster that broke modified gravity + Do we live in a rotating universe?

C C Offline
Do we live in a rotating universe? If we did, we could travel back in time (i.e., Gödel metric)

The galaxy cluster that broke modified gravity

We can measure the amount of matter in the Universe and also the effects of gravity, and these two methods, with normal matter alone, just don't add up. One can imagine either adding a new ingredient, like dark matter, or changing the laws of gravity, modifying them from Einstein's original form. But one class of systems, that of colliding galaxy clusters, gives us a way to tell the two ideas apart. Unless modified gravity is a near-perfect dark matter mimic, the idea falls apart in the face of this evidence.
Kornee Offline
A lengthy back and forth arguing at PF over a theorist's claim to explain all evidence in favor of DM and DE as just artifacts of 'not using GR correctly':
A one on one debate to the death match between Siegel and Deur would be interesting.
I'm satisfied either way that Deur's claim to just be using GR 'correctly' is not correct - it has to actually to be another theory.

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