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EV charging by day not night 'the way to go'

Kornee Offline
Some time back I pointed to the need for massive urban-level electricity grid infrastructure upgrading, quite apart from increased overall national grid capacity, to cope with an expected surge in home-charging of planned EV numbers.
This article adds further considerations:

Sort of makes sense.
C C Offline

"Another issue with electricity pricing design is charging commercial and industrial customers big fees based on their peak electricity use. This can disincentivize employers from installing chargers, especially once half or more of their employees have EVs."

Maybe the Green Scouts could hand out virtue trophies to companies willing to take big hits like that for the movement. Which those businesses could use for public image enhancement. Since certain areas sure as heck aren't going to de-penalize them for the heavy spikes in usage.
confused2 Offline
Expensive electricity, sunshine during the day - if only there was a way to convert that sunlight into electricity.

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