Driest 8 months since 1976: drought for S. England & Wales (amending travel plans)

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Drought 'very likely' for south of England & Wales after driest 8 month period since 1976

INTRO: Water chiefs are preparing for drought as the Met Office confirmed England's driest eight month period since 1976. Officials at the Environment Agency (EA) are transferring water to low running rivers, rescuing fish and reoxygenating water, while water companies are implementing the early stages of their drought plans.

The National Drought Group of farmers, water companies and land users met this morning and have urged people to conserve water, including by swapping baths for showers, re-using water used to rinse vegetables and keeping cold water in the fridge to avoid running the tap.

"Don't wait for it to happen," said John Leyland, EA's chief of staff, urging people to start conserving water. "This is how drought starts. The continued hot and dry weather may lead to more environmental problems in August," he said, adding water companies do have sufficient supplies for summer.

It comes as the Royal Meteorological Society told Sky News drought was now "very likely" for the majority of the south of England and Wales... (MORE - missing details)

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