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Heat kills thousands of cows in Kansas (next year big for food shortages)

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INTRO: High temperatures in Kansas last weekend killed thousands of cattle, authorities confirmed this week, after footage of rows of cattle corpses was widely shared online.

A spokesperson for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment told multiple media outlets that the agency had gotten reports of at least 2,000 cattle deaths that happened over the weekend of June 11-12 in the southwestern part of the state. The agency said that the number comes from the farms that asked for help in getting rid of the bodies, since cattle ranchers aren’t required to report deaths to the agency, a spokesperson told NPR. This indicates that the actual death toll could be much higher: Industry estimates put the number of cattle that died as high as 10,000.

Temperatures reached as high as 108 degrees Fahrenheit (42 degrees Celsius) in parts of the state last weekend. Making matters worse, winds dropped and humidity spiked, creating deadly conditions for the cattle.

“It was essentially a perfect storm,” AJ Tarpoff, a veterinarian at Kansas State University, told Reuters. Kansas wasn’t the only place that baked last weekend. These conditions were part of a massive heatwave that has swept across the country in recent days... (MORE - details)

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