Native Hawaiian is urging people to vacation elsewhere & explains why (travel)

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EXCERPTS: For those looking to Hawai’i for a tropical getaway, Native Hawaiian Lily Hi'ilani Okimura has a message: please don’t come. [...] Tourism has proven harmful to Native Hawaiians.

“A lot of tourists treat our land like it's some theme park,” Okimura explains. “They will ignore warning signs, fenced-off areas, and ‘no trespassing' signs, which can cause damage to our environment like erosion, vandalism, and pollution.”

[...] “When people say they should be able to visit Hawai'i because ‘it's part of the United States,' I tell them they're missing the point. Sure, you have the ‘right' to travel wherever you want, but does that make it right?” Okimura continues. “Especially if the Indigenous people and other residents are asking visitors not to come due to a worldwide pandemic, our limited resources, and because our tourism industry exploits our people and culture. What does that say about you to disregard all of this because ‘What about my vacation?'”

Tourism doesn’t benefit most Native Hawaiians. Those who do work in the industry are overworked and underpaid. A majority (51%) of those experiencing homelessness on the islands are natives. Instead, tourism benefits large corporations and developers that are, by and large, not from Hawai’i... (MORE - missing details)
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