Vaping alcohol

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"The Vapshot Mini turns alcohol into vapor so that you can inhale it and feel silly. It's an unusual but intriguing proposition. Inhaling vaporized booze means that the alcohol goes straight to your bloodstream through your lungs instead of your stomach, which means you feel the drunken rush of a BAC spike almost immediately. And since you're not actually imbibing anything, you don't have to worry about downing a bunch of calories or feeling full, though you do have to worry extra hard about getting too drunk without noticing. Yes, it's more dangerous than just drinking, but the Vapshot is a mercifully inefficient vaporizer, so it's safer than it sounds.

In short, it's a small, white, $700 box that makes booze clouds for you to breathe in.

Why Does It Matter?

It's fun! I mean, it is a device that enables you to inhale alcohol.

Rest-assured you will be the life of the party if you show up with an alcohol vaporizer. When our review unit arrived at the office and I invited my colleagues to try it, like half of Gawker media showed up on the roof ready to party. We had a great time! This thing could mean the difference between cobbling together an inevitably forgettable beer pong tournament and a night of wonderment and light-headed guests..."===

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