TLC: the 22-year-old woman trapped in body of 8-Year-Old

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INTRO: She may look like a preteen, but Shauna Rae is legally old enough to drink — and soon the world will know her story, or at least the TLC version of it.

Next month, the channel is airing a docuseries called “I Am Shauna Rae,” which it’s billing as a look into the life of the 22-year-old who looks like she’s about eight, due to complications from surgery she had as an infant.

Rae was just six months old when she was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer. Although the chemotherapy she got for it saved her life, she says, it also resulted in damage to her pituitary gland.

“My pituitary gland was rendered almost dormant because of the chemotherapy,” Rae says in a trailer for the series, scheduled to be released January 11. “The doctor told me I was done growing. My bones were fused, and my height is three feet and 10 inches.”

Indeed, though scientists say “there is no strong direct evidence to implicate chemotherapy as a cause” for a huge risk of pituitary deformation like Shauna’s, it does occasionally happen, and chemo has been known to cause other endocrine problems in cancer patients who receive the treatment... (MORE - details)

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