Thanks CC

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For all the digging you do, plus taking the time to post threads. You're the resident internet archaeologist. I appreciate the effort and I think others do too. I need a dictionary sometimes to comprehend what you're saying and I do read some posts more than once but that's a testament to your knowledge & use of the English language. You seem very well educated, so kudos for having the smarts also. The little vignettes where an avatar is usually located are icing on the cake. 

Don't dispense acknowledgement, compliments & flattery that often so this might be the only time I will. IOW don't get use to it Big Grin
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I have to second Z-man's sentiments. You are appreciated, CC! Thank you for everything you do.
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Salt of the Earth. I don't have a higher compliment. Likewise (especially) Stryder, Yazata and the rest. Even Syne though don't expect me to repeat that too often.
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That was a 'Thank you' in case it didn't come across quite as intended.
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Thanks to all. Obviously it goes both ways, since my role merely consists of giving the place an appearance of life until a string of real discussion topics get started. With respect to the latter, you all do a much better job and some especially good at it.

So my appreciation to you for keeping Stryder's less authoritarian forum animated and still breathing above ground in the truest sense of the web board tradition. Together we maintain one of the lingering juke joints (or pubs) of a dying genre, for us to hang out at.
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I should thank you all for making this place what it is. If wasn't for each and every one of you this place probably wouldn't exist, since you create not just the discussion but the dynamics.

I do worry a little of the future, notibly governments are pushing for sweeping legislation changes in regards to social networks and the like. I'm not entirely sure how it will effect such a small forum, although they might not be happy that I'm not about censoring for the most part (Apart from the serious stuff which luckily none of you have pushed to my knowledge)

In any event I've enjoyed our discussions and hope to continue to have some good ones to come.

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