Would Amazon, Walmart favor minimum wage increase to wipe out small business rivals?

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(business community) Neil Patel predicts Amazon, Walmart could support minimum wage to price out small business competition

EXCERPTS: Daily Caller co-founder Neil Patel predicted that Amazon and Walmart could support an increase in the federal minimum wage in order to price out their smaller competitors [...] “Small business has been devastated through this pandemic, and the youth case is just different. If you have a deli down the street from you and the owner wants to take a few hours off in the afternoon and have a high school kid come in, then that’s a really different case than what Amazon pays their thousands and thousands of employees,” Patel said.

“And then the second part is … New York has more than double the cost of living for a lot of small towns in America. Why would Manhattan have the same minimum wage as a small town in Kansas? That makes zero sense,” he continued.

[...] “I don’t know if it’s stupid from Amazon or Walmart’s perspective. If your primary competitors in many communities are small businesses, and you can price them out of the market, then that as a business matter that may not be stupid for them,” he said. “As a public policy matter for us, for Washington, for Biden, it makes no sense. These small businesses are already devastated, and to add, I mean, in a COVID relief bill, to put a minimum wage, that doesn’t exempt small business in any way is almost perverse.”

Hilton then pointed out that the minimum wage was “designed” to help big businesses. He added that it was the same for companies pushing to “open the borders” when it comes to immigration, saying that it helps them get more low wage workers... (MORE - details)

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